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Caussie swimwear is priced at the price of A$32.00, with FREE postage and handling (both within Australia and Internationally) . To purchase Caussie swimwear, please fill in the form below, and indicate your colour and size preference in the fields provided. If you require a number of different colours and/or sizes or styles of Caussie, please tell us in the "other notes" box the sizes and colours that you wish to buy, and the quantities of each size/colour/style.

If you are having trouble using the form below, please send an email to

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For orders more than 10, please contact us directly, or add a note in the "Other Notes" box below.

The TOTAL NUMBER of Caussies in this order should be specified, and if different colours, sizes and/or styles are required, then please set out your order in "Other Notes". If using the Paypal payment link, please note that this will only correctly calculate the amount payable, if the total number of all the Caussies in this order is specified, e.g. if you want one red and one black, then detail these in "Other Notes" but specify the TOTAL NUMBER as 2.

Other notes:

If buying more than one colour and/or size, please tell us what you want above. With your Bank Deposit or Paypal payment, please provide a reference (for example, your name), and tell us what that reference is in the Other Notes box.

We would like to send you information from time to time about Caussie. Whilst we hope that you would like to receive such information, we understand that you may not wish to do so. If you don't want to have us send you such communications, please tick the box to let us know you do not wish to receive such contacts from Caussie.

Please DO NOT send me any information on Caussie products and updates, other than as relate to my present enquiries or purchase.

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